Wigs, Hair Extensions & Hair Loss

Hair loss & hair thinning can affect men & women of all ages, hair cells reproduce faster than any other cells in our bodies, so they are sensitive to changes in our health and environment, there is no single cause of thinning hair; it could be for any of the following reasons:


Genetics                               Inherited from your mother or father.

Nutrition & Diet               Can play a significant role, as the correct nutrients are essential for healthy hair.

Enviromental Factors    Air & water pollutants.

Stress & Trauma              Can cause effects on two levels; it can increase levels of       testosterone which converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which interrupts the hairs growth cycle. Stress also constricts blood supply, which will restrict nutrients getting to the hair follicles.

Health Issues                      A malfunctioning thyroid gland or natural hormonal changes women experience such as pregnancy & the menopause.

Medication                         The hair is incredibly sensitive to changes in the body; hormone therapy including child birth control, steroids, specific chemotherapies & medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease & acne could all affect the hair.


We have a range of products to help hair loss & hair thinning which we can personally recommend as we have had excellent results from them:


Viviscal Professional       Is a formulated food supplement that supports healthy hair growth from within, it is super enriched with essential ingredients for optimum healthy hair growth, and these include the proprietary marine protein AminoMar C, Biotin (vitamin B7) & apple extract (Procyanidin B2). It is recommended to take Viviscal professional supplements for a minimum of six months.

Click here to view the Viciscal brochure online.

Click here to see video interview with Kyran Bracken talking about his experience with hair loss, and how it affected him during his time on Dancing on Ice and whilst playing rugby.


Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres Microscopic, electrostatically charged fibres with keratin that stick to the hair, instantly your hair appears to have more volume! For men and women with all hair types, easy to apply, washes out, lasts in wind & rain. Available in various shades.

Nioxin Thinning hair system   This is a simple to use system for men & women with noticeably thinning, natural or chemically treated hair that want their hair to look denser, thicker & fuller. For best results we recommend that our clients start with an in-salon scalp dermabrasion service, this is like a facial for the scalp, removing build up around the hair follicles, thus creating the best possible scalp environment. Your stylist will then recommend a personalized 3-part nioxin system, which will replace your regular home hair care routine.


My New Hair    We are a Trevor Sorbie MBE my new hair salon that offers support to people suffering from medical hair loss I.e. chemotherapy, by providing them with wigs, a wig fitting service & aftercare advice.


The impact of losing your hair can be devastating, often people don’t like to consider wearing a wig because they feel everyone will notice & they may not want to make their illness public, But to see the difference a professional cut makes to a wig transforms it from looking ‘wiggy’ or ‘hat like’ into your new hair!

In July 2009 Trevor Sorbie MBE founded My New Hair, his vision was to help support people suffering from medical hair loss by using his hairdressing skills. My New Hair is now a national independent non-profit making charity working with a group of professionals from medical advisors, specialists in aftercare, wig industry experts & independent hairdressers to provide a network of support for people suffering from hair loss. This unbiased information, support & advice resource has been developed in partnership with the Department of Health & is endorsed by the Institute of Trichologists & only very recently started a partnership with Macmillan.

You can find out more about Trevor Sorbie & The My New Hair charity by visiting www.mynewhair.org

After completing the My New Hair training programme to an advanced level I am proud to be part of the My New Hair network & can offer this service with complete privacy.

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At Helen Wood Hairdressing we have done our utmost to provide a relaxed environment so our clients feel at ease talking about this subject. We will do our best to answer your questions & will offer honest advice on any products that may be suitable for you. Although we have had great success, results are not guaranteed. Our consultations are complimentary. If you would prefer a private appointment, this can easily be arranged for you, contact us by phone 01425 478766 or email Helen@helenwoodhairdressing.co.uk

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